Vote for Slovenia 2023


Slovenian Citroën enthusiasts already have a long tradition of participating at international meetings of 2cv friends, as well as visiting also a lot of other Citroën events all over Europe. We already hosted one international meeting of 2cv friends, which happened in 1995 in Maribor and we know people were quite happy visiting Slovenia and the meeting. Last time we wanted to organize the meeting, we lost the vote but we believe we have learned a lot from that loss.

Since our country is quite small, our Citroën club is very connected within itself and that helps us in many things. We believe it’s also a key feature in an event like that. With that in mind, we would love to organize an international meeting again, this time in 2023.

We really have a lot to offer, starting with beautiful country, nice tourist attractions, good beer, seaside and mountains nearby and of course kind and helpful members of slovenian club that will be at your service at all times.

It’s still a long way to even securing an organisation, but we are working hard already. It would really be an honour to host you all again. So we hope that next year at the meeting in Croatia you will give us an opportunity to make your vacation in 2023 memorable. So vote for Slovenia!